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Who we are

Lichen Bikes is Roland Nudelman and Devin Bodony.  Childhood friends and riding buddies, builders and schemers of cool and crazy things made of metal.  Based on the Kitsap Peninsula in the Puget sound Basin.



It started with a road trip.  Well really it all started when we built cannons and street luge boards and stuff in fifth grade, but Lichen Bikes proper began with a road trip to Oregon, and a bike crash.  We went to visit Devins' dad in southern Oregon, he had a tractor and a bunch of dirt so we thought we'd bring bikes and build some jumps.  On the way down we visited several riding spots, and we went and visited UBI in Ashland, where we were told that building a full suspension bike for your first bike would be crazy (which is true in case you're thinking about it), but in our usual form we took that as a challenge.  The dominant conversation through this entire week-long trip was building the ultimate bike, adjustable head tube angle, travel, BB height, all on the fly.  We came up with some pretty cool ideas, eccentric cam actuated head tube angle adjuster, etc. etc.  All pretty unrealistic stuff.  On the drive home Devin got out a sketchpad and started messing around with linkage concepts, and one in particular that seemed cool that no one had done before.  We both agreed that we really needed to build some bikes.  But honestly, we were both really busy, and that probably would have been the end of it for a while.  Luckily, Devin crashed his bike the next morning and separated his shoulder.  Unable to work for a month (or put on a shirt for a week), there was nothing to do but get out the CAD and work out the details of that linkage design.  Everything after that was just a bunch of hard work...


Our design philosophy

Our Designs started with the thought "suspension is good", and continued with the question, "if the bike pedals well, and has geometry appropriate for the bikes intended use, isn't more suspension better"?  That was the impetus for our first prototype.   We think in the current era of efficient and effective suspension, the primary factor determining a bike's intended use is its geometry, not how much suspension travel it has.  Gone are the days when most bikes had suspension that bobbed like crazy, and the amount of suspension determined how much energy you were wasting, and all bikes had 71 degree head angles. 

We primarily build in steel, for several reasons.  Chief among those are that it's very accessible to the small builder, and it's stronger than the hulk on steroids.  Aluminum is cool, but our belief is that its almost total domination as the material of choice for mountain bikes is its ease of manufacture on a large scale.  We do plan to work in Aluminum and Ti in the future, but we believe that steel has a well deserved place as a material for capable, light, full suspension trail bikes.

We want to push the boundaries of how bikes are built.  We don't have to sell 10,000 of a model to make it worthwhile to build one, or a few, so we don't have to make any compromises.  Super long travel trail bikes?  Super long top tubes?  Super low bottom brackets?  Those seem to be the trends of the moment, maybe we can help push them further.

We want to build bikes that fit people.  That fit their riding style, and their bodies, no compromises.


Why choose us

We know you can buy an amazing and capable bike tomorrow from Trek, Specialized, Transition, etc etc.  So why choose us?

-It's cool to have something hand-built, and to support American Made bikes

-We make it to fit you, and we'll personalize and customize to your hearts desire

-We build to last.  We'd love it if you buy more than one bike from us, but these bikes are built not to break, and if they do we'll replace them.