Purchasing a frame

Basic pricing for Matchstick Model:  

- Frame with standard sizing:  $2,300, plus an additional $2-400 depending on shock choice.  We know that different riders will want different shocks, and tunes.  So rather than setting a standard price with a shock, we're setting a standard price without a shock, so you can pick what you want.  We can provide shocks from most major manufacturers at very competitive pricing.

- Frame with custom sizing:  Sliding scale depending on adjustments being made.  A basic Head Angle and and Reach change is an additional $100.  Changes to other areas of the bike tend to have a cascading effect on other geometry.  If you're interested in more customization please get in touch and we'll talk over the changes and how they'll effect ride quality etc.  For in depth custom orders price begins at $2,400 and then is charged by the hour for design time, or tooling charge if there are custom machined parts.  

- We think purchasing a frame is a very personal experience, and we'd like to share that with you!  A custom bike should start with a conversation, so don't hesitate to email or call and we'll get something started!