Lichen Bikes  

It started with a road trip to Oregon with our bikes in the back, riding at different spots around the state, and building jumps at Devins dad's house with the tractor.  By the end of the trip they had the ultimate bike built in their heads, that surely would never be built.  Fortunately the day after they got home, Devin separated his shoulder on his morning ride, and consequently had a month and a half to sit in front of the computer messing around with the suspension concept they'd come up with. 

We build bikes first and foremost because we love to ride them, and so we build the kind of bikes that we ride, full suspension rippers that can still get to the top without a ride or a chairlift.  We firmly believe that there is huge innovation possible in the realm of trail bikes from small builders, and that's what we're setting out to do.  Innovative suspension, custom geometry, all artistically executed with massive attention to detal.